Crafty books

I activated my King County library card last night and went on a hunt for amigurumi books . During the hunt I realized I needed some placemats for my new Ikea table, so why not make my own?

kyuutoI am in love with how silly this book is. They present each pattern with gorgeous pictures of the amis and put a ridiculous quote like “What is Citron Puppy thinking of? Only he knows…”  or “Hi! I am sheep and I have my own planet”…Adorable. 🙂 What I like the most about this book is the graphical way in which the pattern is written. It makes it a lot easier for me to remember. I might purchase this book for myself.

yarn-animalsI’ve seen amis from this book SOOOOOO much I didnt even want to check it out. But Tamie Snow included a very cute owl pattern I really want to make. He will keep me company in my office, yes, he will.



tabletoppersThis book is really neat! I didnt know there was so much to the art of table toppers. :-0 They tell you what the right proportions of  table runners are, how to make a placemat look better with your dishes, etc. etc. I’m making a set of four placemants following the directions from here.

materialEh…It’s ok. I was a little overwhelmed with how many different things they have here and yet, I didnt really find anything that interested me. It seems the pictures are all stills from their show, so the book has ‘ok’ pictures. They do talk a lot about the importance of knowing how to choose fabrics when decorating, so I liked that.


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