Granny’s Blanket and Laura’s Placemat

Step aside Bunny Slippers! I’ve decided to make a blanket…and so, I will attempt to make granny squares! The two books I’ve checked out of the library are fantastic and I really really love  the “Crochet Motifs” one by Edie Eckman. I has a lot of explanations for common mistakes and a really friendly format.

The “200 Crochet blocks” by Jan Eaton book has a great array of different granny squares and suggestions on how to combine them. The square I’m making (from the second book) is purple and the picture doesn’t really do it justice. My plan is to make around 70 6”x6” blocks and make a HUGE blanket. 🙂


This is the yarn I will be using for my blanket… Lots of violet, burgundy, brown and green. It will be a sophisticated blanket.


Finally, my placemats have been destroyed and re-made. I’m taking one kind of fabric off the design and making them a lot more simple. This is what the “prototype” looks like now (back of the picture).



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