Placemats are go!



   These silly placemats have been plaguing me since February. They are far….FAR…from perfect, but I really like the way they look. The border was supposed to have two different fabrics in the beginning but that proved to be too complicated for my skills.

   I’m not sure how they look best….or how I’m supposed to arrange them per the world guidelines of placemat positioning (those obviously exist).

  I’ll do more research later, for now I’m happy they are DONE! DONE!


2 thoughts on “Placemats are go!”

  1. Nice work! You’ve inspired me to try my hand at that… I’m assuming you used a sewing machine. Did you need to refer to a book on how to make them?

    1. Nice! Go ahead! It’s a lot more entertaining to diy.
      Yes, I used a sewing machine. You can do it by hand but it will take a lot longer and not be very uniform (unless you are really really good, and Im not so I didnt really bother) 🙂

      I used a book as reference in the beggining (third one on this link , so I would know appropiate sizes for placemats and get ideas. After I got the general idea I improvised a bit.
      I’m pretty sure you can find good tutorials online so following a book step by step isnt really necessary in my opinion.

      Something I skipped was putting interfacing between the two layers of fabric. That would have given the placemats a little bit more shape.

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