Shopping Adventures in Seattle

I like to shop. It’s true. And since I have no mouths to feed except my own I might as well shop mindlessly while I can. (Yes, that’s my excuse.)

Ok, so not so mindlessly. My favorite exercise to do while Im shopping is to (1) grab whatever catches my attention, (2)hold it in my hand while I walk around store and (3) think to myself  “Do I really need this?” .  Most of the times the answer is “No, you moron.”

And yet there are days like today. The following is a brief summary of today’s adventures.

Daison : I knew I was going to love this giant Japanese market place when I saw a sign that said “Everything is $1.50 unless otherwise noted”. Oh Daison, if I could marry you I would. This store is too big for my attention span and I cant read half the labels. Still, I managed to find some adorable cookie cutters, MORE erasers to put on my desk at work , a really funny french bread notebook and a little dish that I’ll use as a jewerly tray.  I really recommend this store if you enjoy buying on the cheap.

Treats from Daison

Watson Kennedy: I read about this store in a blog and decided to pay a visit.  It is beyond adorable. There are two stores in Seattle and I went to the smaller one. Everything inside is so soft and french and friendly. I didnt buy anything but the store carries countless little things to decorate with in pretty much every color. I’ll be back.

H&M: There are no H&Ms in Puerto Rico (I…think…) , so I had no idea what to expect. Not bad, I must admit. Pretty cheap and pretty clothes.  I dont know how often they have $5 sales, but the place was PACKED. I cant stand PACKED stores so I happily left.

Urban Outfitters: I’ve been to the urban outfitters website so much I recognized everything as I walked into the store. That’s pretty sad. I found some cheap key covers that caught my attention online and a lonely little Boba Fett. He’ll keep me company in my office as well.


At the end of the day I caught a bus back home….

But not before buying a yummy bath things at Bath and Body Works..


And a new bikini at Macy’s…



Yes, a pretty awesome day.

Always shop responsibly!


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