Nighttime Baking : Earl Gray Tea Cupcakes

“Named after a British nobleman the tea is renowned in international circles.”….and it’s pretty damned good in CUPCAKES!

I would like to point your attention to a fantastic recipe a friend pointed me to: Earl Gray Tea Cupcakes . This is the second time I’ve made the recipe and they are still delicious.

I decided to make mine without the delicious lemon frosting this time since it was pretty late and I didnt feel like eating that much sugar.

I used two bags of tea instead of the 1 the recipe calls for and i think it’s a good change. I might have to try this recipe with other kinds of tea!



Most of the ingredients waiting to be converted into delicious cupcakes.



I should have taken more pictures! Mixing  is fun. They are in the tray and ready!




They’re done! I proceeded to eat 3 and had 3 more this morning for breakfast. 😀


4 thoughts on “Nighttime Baking : Earl Gray Tea Cupcakes”

  1. whoeee they look good!!
    I would eat them all at once, for sure. 😉

    You offered to help me out a bit with my blog, if i understood correctly.
    Well dear, that would be awesome!! 🙂
    I spent almost the whole day (no kidding) trying to make just nice links of the list of links i have on my blog (2 blogrolls..well 1 now…a list with shops and a list with photographers…)but how much i tried…i cannot get a link you can click on and then you see those lists. it makes me crazy!

    Maybe you know what i can do to make it work?
    I would be sooo grateful!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Nice! Nighttime baking is the best, and I’m glad to see they turned out okay. I will have to try two bags next time…

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