Cleanup and Knitting

Yesterday afternoon I decided I would once and for all clean up the disaster that is my yarn stash. It turns out I have more notions and thread than actual yarn…



So most of my yarn fits into a tiny suit case.


This is bad…it means i need MORE YARN!

In other yarn related news…I’ve given knitting a chance (again). I’m learning very very slowly and getting used to logic of it…but I knitted for a while in public today and it was fun.


Now that’s what I call progress!  (This was as soon as I got started yesterday…today my grand total is 5 rows….FIVE.)


4 thoughts on “Cleanup and Knitting”

  1. Heeeey Laura, it’s Ydoc! Remember the idea of bringing back YNI I’ve been tossing around..well it’s happening. If you’re still interested we could still use people to review things. Launch sould be in something like 1 to 2 months.

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