Quick and Colorful Apron!

I’ve meaning to make an apron since I realized that baking at random usually got some of my better clothes messed up with flour. But never fear! The internet is full of fantastic free patterns!

I searched for a while and found many free patterns (check out TipNut for a massive list of patterns). I finally decided on this one from CraftyGal  . With a title like “Dressing for Kitchen Success” I couldnt really refuse.

I chose some very loud fabrics I got for christmas about two years ago and some lace I got from Daiso, my very favorite store.

Here are the results! It was quite an easy pattern!

Lessons learned:

-When the instructions say “waist”, it’s just waist…not your “low rise jeans waist”. ‘Doh!

-Lace hides everything!

Adjustments to make:

-Make sash shorter

-Make bib shorter…apparently my torso shrunk like 5 inches in the process of making this apron.

-Cut off loose strings

Picture time!


Waist closeup…pretty lace!  (It got folded in the other pics so you cant see it as well)


Pocket closeup….more lace!


Side view

Photo0210 - Copy


Pretty neat, no? It’s a great first sewing project I think, give it a try. 🙂


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