Root Canals and Sky Blue Scarf

I got a root canal last friday and today I got my temporary crown put in. Mother of God that was uncomfortable!

 The pain itself wasnt that terrible but not being able to breathe through my nose made it a pain to get things done.

I had to stay home and not work because half of my face is numb, so I’m just crocheting a little scarf while my face goes back to normal and my tooth stops hurting so much.


Oh and for halloween I was a fun little 20s flapper…:-)



4 thoughts on “Root Canals and Sky Blue Scarf”

    1. Thanks so much, my tooth is feeling a lot better. I’ll have the permanent crown installed next week. 🙂 Thanks for visiting, I really enjoy looking at your knitting blog!

    1. Thanks hannah! Im feeling much better!…Permanent gets “installed” next week….Just in time for Thanksgiving. Gah. But at least the pain is gone. 🙂

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