iFrames and Javascript whine

So I’ve been pretty excited about tracking my crochet projects on and some months ago I found out the guys over there created a really neat progress bar thingy for blogs….

But it only works for Blogger….SAD FACE.

I dont really want to switch to Blogger because of that….and I’ve been trying to find some kind of solutions for this problem. There’s a whole group of people over at ravelry (We ❤ progress bars) that works on this nice contraption and I’ve volunteered to help testing the wordpress version when it becomes available. Hopefully they’ll get back to me and I’ll be able to help somehow.

I really hope we can find some way to throw that neat functionality in here….<shakes fist at iFrames and Javascript….why must you be “dangerous” and blocked by> . Also, I read an article from ’08 explaining how Silverlight doesnt function 100% in due to iFrames as well. I’ll try to read more about it and see if they have made a solution for that in later releases.


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