Temp Crown fell off!….plus testing Flickr + WordPress

So I was surfing the web, reading blogs, being awesome….when suddenly….My temporary tooth fell off! I have never more scared in my LIFE! In the midts of my panic I managed to find the number to the dentist office to see what I could do…..and then I got The Answer Machine!…..Thankfully, the dentist left his personal number for off hour emergencies, so I called the poor man at his house….and he replied “Oh dont worry! Temporary crowns fall off all the time! Just put some vaseline and pop it back in! We’ll see you next week for the permanent crown…”


At least there’s nothing to worry about……except swallowing the tooth in my sleep! yikes!

I’ve just seen one of the most fantastic patterns for a crochet giraffe, so I will share that in my next post.

I’m testing how Flickr works with WordPress. Experiments, yay.



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