Cooking adventure

I had two special guests today at my apartment, so I wanted to cook something for them (instead of going to “Red Robin…Yummm” like we do on most weekends 🙂  )

I had no idea what to cook but I found this neat site called RecipeMatcher that does a really good job in helping you find a recipe depending on what you have in your home. I had seen this feature in other sites but this site has user submitted recipes and it tells you (without clicking the recipe link) what other ingredients you’re missing.

For tonight’s meal I made :

Dijon Chicken Bake

Sauteed Asparagus

White Rice

Success! They ate it all and it was yummy! 😀

After we ate I did a really simple Cat Tounge cookie recipe:

…..aaaand, they dont look like Cat Tounges at all…..but they were delicious!


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