Lotus Flower bag: Center flower complete!

I went back to my abandoned lotus flower bag.  I reviewed the pattern and realized that I had missed the entire bottom layer of the rose! So I frogged some of what I had done and managed to complete the center flower (called  “Center Rose” in the pattern adjustment made by CrochetNut).

Here are some pictures that I hope help anyone trying to make this monster of a project:

After I took this picture I realized that the color I am using isnt the best for showcasing the different layers of the flower.

I put the hook under the middle layer so you can see it more clearly.

Weird photo, I know. But I wanted to show the different layers from the side. It’s actually upside down and Im holding the smaller layer that goes on top.

I like this angle and the light…it looks like an innocent little project.

Lastly, I managed to begin one of the leaves for the flower. There’s 10 of these in total and this one took FOREVER.

It’s been a really frustrating project and Im pretty sure I picked a bad combo of hook and thread but I really want to finish this project. So the adventure continues! 😀


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