Diy capelet from a sweater Pt. 1

So I was browsing youtube and found a great account call threadbanger. They have great videos on DIY fashion and reusing clothes. The video that got my attention was How to Make a Spring Capelet, which was submitted by a user.

Basically you take an old sweater that is way to large for you…

Fold it in half, and cut along a curve that starts around the sleeve seam,  hits the underarm area and ends in the middle of your sweater.

Then cut along that line on all layers….Open it up and cut along the chest to open the capelet and…

Pretty neat! Next, I’ll add some button/button holes and some ribbon to decorate….:-)


2 thoughts on “Diy capelet from a sweater Pt. 1”

    1. Thanks hannah! I’m still trying to find the perfect kind of ribbon for this! I cant wait to wear it in the spring! 🙂

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