I’m Knitting!

Today I picked up some random knitting needles (more like kebab sticks) and began knitting on my least favorite yarn. I’m actually making some progress!

I’m only knitting and purling at random and my technique is non-existant, but Im trying to be very patient. I think I’ll make a dreaded cell phone cozy out of this….It’s way too thin to be a scarf.

One of the disadvantages of making so many amigurumis is that I have no patience for any other crafts now. Making  a small amis takes a few hours and  I cant take any more than that. So, knitting will be an exercise in patience.


3 thoughts on “I’m Knitting!”

    1. I love the end result, but Im finding the mechanics too time consuming and confusing for my hands. Maybe I just havent seen the right tutorial, but I still have a while to go at it.

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