What’s all the buzz about?* A google buzz rant

So after waiting around for a few days for Google to activate Google Buzz in my Gmail inbox I finally got to see what it was all about.

First Impression:

Google is making a Facebook?

How much time am I going to waste here?

These people never really stop making new features.

Things I liked:

Linking to pictures and websites was lightning fast. Good job there!

The link under Inbox is a good central location for Buzz notifications.

I liked the look in general. Not sure what will happen once I want to search my Buzz history (search it I guess?)

More accessible than Wave.

Things I hated:

The first thing that happened was that Buzz automatically added 12 people to my contacts (taking a guess based on how often we chat/email is my guess). Nine of those people were actually dear friends, so good job there google. But the other three I havent spoken to in at least 2-3 years….wth? Maybe I don’t have enough friends?

Second, as I started experimenting with Buzz I realized that responses got sent to my inbox. NO GOOGLE. I like my inbox clean and empty……So filter Buzz out  and archive it, thank you.

I had to go to Google help to figure out how to work some of the settings in Buzz.

The last thing I didn’t like was that my posts are public by default. I immediately changed them to private, because I am paranoid….but it changed to Public after I left the browser and returned.


I dont really need another social networking site, and I like to keep my email separate from it. Google gets points for making things more accessible but I want out for now.

Enter this little link:  How to Hide/Remove Google Buzz

And with that I leave my little rant….now buzz off!*

*All puns intended


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