How to find new crafty books

I was pretty bored this evening after coming back from work and decided to spend some time at the library looking for crafty books I have not seen before. I realized that I usually go straight into the Knitting/Crochet section of the library. I started looking around at random and realized there are a lot of sections I never really bothered to look at:

Tip #0:  New Languages

When at the library, go to your usual section and figure out the Dewey Decimal classification for the section you like….for me it’s crochet and its usually 746.<something>  (Arts&Craft start at 745)

…then look in the International section for books with these codifications! In my library they’re just separate b/c they’re in a different language.

These books I found are lovely! And they include graphical patterns so I dont even need ot know Korean or Japanese to understand the basic idea!

Tip #1 : New Specialized Sections

Dont look just in the section of your craft…Go to the lace, weaving, sewing sections, anything different!

Kyuuuto Lace is a crochet book, but I found it in the lace section (I’ve checked it out before and loved it enough to go check it out again)

Sew darn cute…Obviously in the Sewing section….but I didnt expect to find such cute plushies!

Tip #2: DIY section!

  There’s a whole section dedicated to DIY, look in there too! This book has crafts of every kind.

I’ve been meaning to check this book out since seeing it in BUST magazine like three years ago, finally got it.


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