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Quick translation of Japanese Crochet sites…

In my quest to find out about the most interesting crochet information there is, I usually end up on a japanese site. I still havent learned enough japanese to understand what they are writing, so I’ve learned of a quick way to translate a page as soon as I find it. 

Note that these instructions are for Internet Explorer, but Im sure there are equivalent add ons for FF and other browsers. Click Each Image to enlarge.

1. Go to the site in question

2. Right click on the site (but not on an image or link)

3. Select “Translate with Bing”   (if it doesnt show up, follow steps at the bottom)

Tah-dah! The page will translate progressively, and the percent completion can be seen at the top right of the top banner.

Can see the “Translate with Bing” accelerator?  Try the steps below.

1. In yourIE browser, click Tools, then Internet Options. (If Tools menu is hidden, press the Alt key to expose it 🙂 )

2. Select the Programs tab

3. Click Add-ons button

4.  Select Accelerators in the left column.

If you cant see Bing Translator in that list (mine is at the end), then click “Find More Accelerators…” link and download it from the site that pop ups.

Online translators still have a lot of work to be done, but I think this is a good step in understanding content from other languages. It might not give you the exact detail, but its a great improvement from not knowing anything at all.

You can do this for other languages as well, so give it a try. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Quick translation of Japanese Crochet sites…”

  1. I do the same thing in Firefox with the ‘East Asian Translator 1.1.2’ or the ‘Translator (fixed)’ Add-ons. The Translator is right click on your foreign page, select ‘Translator’ in the menu (its also at the bottom) and from the pop out menu select ‘auto detect to English.’ This is REALLY handy when you are on a page were it might be Russian, Greek, or something else you don’t recognise. =)

    The East Asian tranlator is higher up the menu and only translates well, East Asian languages. Like Korean – Japanese, Chinese to Japanese…but it DOES have Japanese to English.

    1. Awesome! I think this one has autodetect too, b/c I havent really had to select which language to translate from.
      Thanks for sharing your method with your browser…hopefully any one with other browser tips will add their input as well.
      Happy reading! : )

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