Schmancy Olympic Challenge…complete!

Presenting Vonny Bunny! A skiing champion for the ages! Proud representative of Carrot Land!

(i have been told i am very creative when i come up with names….)

Story after all pics below…..

Vonny is participating in the Plushie Olympics for the first time this year!
She is a proud representative of Carrot Country , a land where Bunnies have all the carrots and all the skiing they can have.
Vonny sports two purple and pink skis  , with sparkles, swirls and pink flames! Vonny is a kind soul, but a spirited competitor, so don’t let her quiet little smile fool you. She’s here to WIN, and she’s here to have fun too!

Craft information:
Vonny was done entirely out of crochet using acrylic yarn, which is best for making the kind of amigurumi I make. Her fur is a white sparkly yarn which you can see in detail in one picture.   Her scarf is also made out of crochet.
Her skis are made of purple and pink felt, with pink sticky rhinestones.
Vonny’s skiing poles are a simple crochet chain, hardened with sugar and water! Works like a charm in dry weather & away from ants.
Finally, the Carrot Land flag has been crafted out of felt and a simple embroidered carrot i made.

Not sure when the competition winners get announced….fingers crossed! 🙂

Competition blog post:


5 thoughts on “Schmancy Olympic Challenge…complete!”

  1. Came here from your post in LJ crochetcrochet. Even though I am not normally a fan of ami, your skiing bunny is cute and I hope you win/won (?) the the contest. Very creative and is just darling.

    1. Aw, thanks Marion! I didnt win a prize in the competition, but I sure had fun making this ami from scratch!
      Thanks again! 😀

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