How a mac infiltrated my home…

First things first, I did not buy a mac. My bf kindly left his here since he wanted to have a laptop for himself when he visited….and he has a ridiculously amazing gaming PC at his place anyway.

…and so the mac found a place in my home.

For a long while it just sat there, on my dining room table…shyly displaying its little apple to the world. I mostly made faces at it and tried not to spill coffee on it.

One day I came home from work so tired, I didn’t feel like taking my own non-mac laptop out of my work bag.

So i sat in front of the thing and opened it…

At first I was furious….I knew this machine had boot camp on it and i could somehow load it with windows. But I couldn’t figure it out anyway i tried.

Once I made it to the mac desktop i had no idea where to go. I didn’t see a little IE sphere to go to the internet with, and I didn’t see the FF fox anywhere. So I just started moving the mouse around until I finally found FF.

I took me a while  to get used to the damned keys, which seem to be SO. FAR. AWAY.

And every time I tried my regular PC shortcuts, i destroyed something. For a while I just went to the Help section and with shame asked how the hell I did a cut and paste with shortcuts. Once i got the little “apple” thing down, it got a lot easier. I still have the windows shortcuts embedded in my brain and fingers, so it’s not that easy to let go.

I’ve really enjoy the battle understand how the hell a mac behaves and some things are quite elegant and “D’oh. Of course.” I’ve also found a few things that annoy me to no end (why the hell does the prefered wireless network change every time i close my machine and why does it seem like my default folders and under lock and key and hidden from me?)    So far I’ve found the little mac very elegant and common sense, but not very discoverable and open to techie questions (how do i get to the equivalent of a control panel?) .

As a former child whose first computer experience was a Packard Bell with Win 95, I think I’ve made plenty of progress in ending my reluctance to use a mac.

Still, I cant wait to go back to work tomorrow and play with my little Win 7 machine. 🙂  15 + yrs of using a PC are hard to beat ….


2 thoughts on “How a mac infiltrated my home…”

  1. Ha! My first computer was a packard bell, but with win 2.0 or something like that…the applications were insane…and in order to play games i had to exit windows and execute them from MS dos…and install them MANUALLY!

    A mac is scary, if it wasn’t for a friend who owns it, i would not know anything…PC FTW.

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