Tulips and Treasures

Yesterday I had the chance to visit the Mt. Vernon tulip fields with my father, brother and my bf. The tulips have just started to bloom and they are already breathtaking.

Behold! A field of colors and glory!


The purple tulips where my favorite.

And the pink ones were lovely too.  All the little girls visiting the field were in love with these and so was I.

My father mentioned how thankful we must be to God for all the beauty we are lucky enough to live around. I agree. Im very thankful I have this a few hours away from my home and I would like to share this with the people of the internet. : )

After we saw the tulips we fould a place called “Antique Mall”. Oh lawd, this place was insane. So many affordable vintage trinkets you’d think you died and went to heaven. I bought a cooking classic called The Joy of Cooking for $7.50.

And look what I found inside!

Ahhh, best thrift shop purchase ever. I am in love with this book. I’ll start with the recipes the previous owner added. He/She even made some comments on which ones were really really good.

And even added a hand written one!

Choco mint wafer pie? Heck yes! : D


1 thought on “Tulips and Treasures”

  1. Pq tú me haces esto?? Tú sabes que los tulipanes son mis favoritos!!! Algún día cuando te visite me TIENES que llevar a ese lugar. Es más…me deberías mandar unos cuantos por correo 😛

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