WordPress vs Blogspot

I found a really good comparison for the main two free blog sites over at a blogspot blog:

It was last updated in February 2010, but has been around since 2007.

I have accounts on both, but wordpress blocking scripts has really annoyed me.

However, this new information has really helped me see I actually like the wordpress features a whole lot.

3 Gigs of image hosting is pretty sweet


2 thoughts on “WordPress vs Blogspot”

  1. I like the way I can fiddle with bits on Blogspot. I can’t do that with WordPress without paying to use the CSS. But I do like how I can make posts in WP password protected, and or totally private.

    1. I just learned about the “CSS Upgrade” in WP recently. So so sad. I would have loved to tinker with my current theme. They both have awesome things and can learn a lot from each other.

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