Lovely bloggers, assemble!

 The Lovelies

I have a list of blogs I visit on a weekly basis, but now the lovely clusters site has created….the Lovely Bloggers List.

It’s a place where bloggers that enjoy lovely beautiful crafts can link back to their blog and meet other bloggers. I thought it was a nice idea, so here’s my intro post.


My name is Laura and I love three things: computers, crochet and food. I moved from the Caribbean to Seattle, WA for employment reasons, and I love this corner of the world.  I work from dawn to dusk on weekdays but at night or on weekends I can be found baking, blogging or playing on my DS. 

What I create:

Crochet stuffed animals! I am in love with amigurumi and have filled different corners of my home and office with little friends. I enjoy sewing as well and rescuing things from thrift shops.

My work:


Photo0205 0427091908-00


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