The Reformed Teratoma

So I faced the stray amigurumi that was crawling around my home.

It turned out to be a reformed teratoma! If you don’t know what a teratoma is, then google/bing/whatever it. I don’t have the stomach to post pictures here. Basically its a tumor that can grown hair, eyes, teeth, among other things. I didn’t know anything about them until my good friend Franny mentioned it.

She also pointed me to a Knitted Teratoma that made it to the anticraft website:

What follows is a little story based on an amigurumi teratoma I made.

So I found little teratoma hiding under my bathroom sink…

And then let it run through my house.  He was so happy to be a reformed teratoma.

See, reformed teratoma’s are no longer hurting people…and they can be happy for once.

I quickly found out that it liked to read…

And it loved to watch people play Starcraft II…

Teratoma was also a little vain. And liked to stare at himself all day…

One day teratoma developed an insane crush on David Duchovny. And watched X-Files all day….

Finally it landed on my favorite teacups…And asked me:

“Who made this?”

“My friend Frances bought them for me. Arent they nice?”

“I want to visit Frances!”


“That’s not possible teratoma….We’re way out here….And Frances is waaaay over there…”

Teratoma didn’t care. He opened the door to my house and walked away to find Frances.

Good luck little teratoma friend! Safe travels! :’)

Edit: This is my 100th post! Yay blogging milestone! 😀 </fanfare>


2 thoughts on “The Reformed Teratoma”

    1. Thanks! 😀 I really like giving them a story and sharing it with the person who’s adopting the ami.

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