Little Penguin Amigurumi

My dear friend Fredo  is one of those few fantastic people that have stalked me throughout college classes, internships and then work. A few days ago he saved the bf and I from certain doom after we were left in the car repair shop without means of transporation. I mean to pay him back in beer and wine, but also with this special gift:

Little Penguin showed up at my freezer the other day…and he’s been pestering me ever since.

“THIS is what you call ‘ice’ ?! This is a joke, woman….”

“What? It’s hot out there…”

“Close that door or I will DIE! CLOSE IT!”

Then he found my computer….

” 59 DEGREES?!?! You ARE trying to kill me!”

“And who is this impostor?! Penguins don’t know anything about computers!”

“I like this penguin though….What a sweet, elegant man.”

I finally get rid of Little Penguin tomorrow. I hope Fredo can handle him.

Pattern from Tiny Yarn Animals book by Tamie Snow.


4 thoughts on “Little Penguin Amigurumi”

  1. I love your little guy. And, you don’t “get rid of” your children – you “adopt” them out. I had a frog that sat on our kitchen TV forever. I’m not quite sure where he hopped off to. Aren’t they fun to make.

    1. Hehehehe, true! He’s being “adopted out” today. 😀
      Some of them I cant give for adoption and have to keep to myself!

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