My quest for better digital tv reception

Ever since we here at the U.S. and Puerto Rico switched to digital television, it has been my mission…nay, my duty…to figure out the best way to set up channels for my friends and family.

I manage to do just fine in an urban area with a crazy looking antenna with wings. Setting it up by myself was confusing, and it looks TERRIBLE in my apartment, but it does the job. Anything will screw up the signal though, and I’ve found that in my case the best location for it, is the floor. Seriously.

At the BF’s we have this antenna here, and while it sure was a pain the butt to figure out…it does quite well. I finally finished struggling with it today. I finally captured the PBS signal, so i consider my mission done. Any home with PBS is a fine home.

The following FCC  site is a great relief to me always, as I know what channels I should expect in my area…and which I shouldnt even bother with:

Oh rabbit ears….how I miss your uncomplicated ways…


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