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Heavens almighty! So many recipes and patterns!

Phew! Lots of things getting done this weekend! Half of them related to food thank goodness.

Last night the gods possessed me to make some brownies using Sweet Potato instead of oil.

Sweet Potato Fudge Brownies recipe here

They look nasty prior to baking, but I promise this is the way they are supposed to look:

Hurrah for healthier brownies! They taste pretty good too. 

This morning the Great Odin commanded me to make pancakes using ricotta! And Ricotta I used.

Ricotta pancakes recipe comes from Washington state cookbook. :  )

I really liked separating the yolks from the whites….and whipping the whites afterward.


They got burnt, mostly b/c I couldn’t handle them properly without destroying them, so I waited until I could move them (ie. when it was too late). They tasted ok, but feel rather grainy (probably the whole wheat flour though).


That DAMNED Bonnaroo dress turned to be a fiasco. I KNEW I was using too much fabric, but I followed the measurements on the back and proceeded to make myself a size 16 dress, knowing full well that I’m a 12 at most (“The pattern is always right.” I kept telling myself. That is not the case when you are reading the pattern wrong, Laura. 😉

I nearly cried when I saw the giant tent I had made….but a good sleep and blessings from Mother Mary cheered me up to make it slimmer.

I was still not happy with it….so i decided to make a top instead. I am satisfied.

Presenting the Bonnaroo Top! Success!

 Finally, I made a little tawashi today, completely disregarding the fact that I had to do all the stitches in back loops only. I am still quite happy with my little scrubbie. I’ll probably make one for my dear mother, even though she hates the sight of scrubbies I’m sure. 🙂

Tawashi pattern here

All in all, mostly failed projects….that with a little thought and motivation, turned out quite well.  I can bake, sew, and crochet and that’s an achievement by itself! Woo!



2 thoughts on “Heavens almighty! So many recipes and patterns!”

    1. I didnt bake at all until the past year and Im getting better every time. But I definitely mess up often. Hehe.

      But I like Julia Child said:
      “No matter what happens in the kitchen, never apologize.”

      XO, Laura

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