How to Dress for Bonnaroo

Through my psychic internet powers I’ve learned that several people stop by this blog looking for ideas on how to dress for Bonnaroo. 

I have never been to Bonnaroo, but have questioned the BF extensively trying to figure out what to bring. Here’s my advice from his advice:

Bring clothes that are:

-Light (you don’t want your clothes to weigh down all that packing)

-Fast drying (if it rains, your clothes need to dry fast!)

-Not too dark (if its sunny, that black shirt will be the end of out)

-Not too expensive (you’re going to get dirt all over them anyway)

Bring a rainjacket just in case, don’t bother with long pants/jeans, and make sure you can sleep with some of the clothes you’re wearing the next day (why bother with PJs taking up space).

Regarding shoes:

-Sandals that you can walk around with mud/water

-Bring flip flops if you want to change shoes at all

But most of all…have fun! 😀

Official Bonnaroo Info


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