Playing on the interweb

Hello internets…I’ve been away for a little while, in part catching up on work left after I came back from vacation.

But mostly…

I’ve been playing a little game called WoW.  *sigh

I used to play aaaaages ago, but I was playing a priest (and was terrible at it) and I didnt have much time to play with all my schoolwork.

Thankfully, I find grown up adult life has lots of free time once work is out of the way…

I promise I’ll start crocheting some time soon…. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Playing on the interweb”

    1. I have! So sad! And fun at the same time…hahaha.

      I’m queuing up some knit and crochet projects and looking for that perfect yarn, so there will be some crafty projects soon!

      Thanks for commenting, lovely Tia!

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