Crochet Sweater pt 2

So I made the suggested gauge swatch for my mom’s sweater and of course it did not measure 4″ x4″ like the pattern suggests, even when Im using the same yarn and hook suggested.

I had no idea what my swatch measurement meant, but I found an excellent guide to crochet swatches at Nezumi World. According to the site (and others i found) a swatch is more useful when its larger than the 4×4 suggested. Edge stitches mess up the tension so its better to make a larger swatch and measure the 4×4 on the inside stitches.

So I started making a larger swatch…I first had to figure out how to just add another shell to the pattern, but that was easy enough. Then when I started to make the 2nd swatch, I realized the pattern has a lot of open spaces…

Two swatches for sweater pattern
Two swatches for sweater pattern
Adding a shell stitch
Adding a shell stitch for second swatch

The point of the sweater is so my mom can put it on after she leaves work and it can cover her uniform shirt, so I dont think this pattern will be very useful for her. Im going to start looking with a pattern with less holes, so here we go again….

I’m thinking of this pattern right now, but Im not sure how useful it would be with just 1 button either….:-)

Image of Matinee 'Swing' Jacket

At any rate, Im learning a lot about gauge swatches.


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