$10 Swap!

I just opened up my package from the $10 swap! Very exciting. This month a letter was assigned to each participant and they had to come up with a swap package of little gifts (totaling $10) and some yarn, all named with the letter assigned.

I got a delightful “D” package from knitterofhats!

In the package I found two bags of Doritos, a Ditty Bag, Dog Stickers, Daisy notepad, Hand Disinfectant, Drinks stamp + ink, D-named soaps, Dishcloths with a Daschung, Dish scrubber and a beautiful Debbie Stoller Yarn! What a fantastic swap!

Here’s the “G” package I sent her:

In my swap package I sent her some a Giant Grape sticker, a Glass emery board, a Geisha card, some Greeting cards, a little Goat, a Gateau (french for cake) I made, and some Green alpaca yarn! 🙂

Hurray for swaps!


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