Crochet n00b mistake: UK Treble stitch != U.S. Treble stitch

I’m making a crochet jacket for my mom (that same one I keep changing patterns on)….and I changed my mind again in terms of patterns.

I decided this time for the DROPS Crochet jacket pattern. Now since these fine folk provide patterns in both U.K. notation and U.S./Canada notation they have the same pattern in two different links.  I however, saw the U.K. flag and assumed “ENGLISH!” (to be fair, this is a site from Norway and I was just looking for my english translation)

Well the gauge for this little item is 23tr x 12 rows = 10 x 10 cm . I have no problems with the metric system, since I come from a land where we measure our gas in Liters, travel distances in miles, kilometers and/or hectometers, and milk comes in gallons and half liters. So I just started doing my U.S. tr stitch in which you yarn over twice prior to making the stitch.

Ten minutes into making my gauge I realized something had gone horribly, horribly gone…My gague swatch wasnt 1/6 of the way done and it was almost half the finish size already (length wise)

And that’s when I remembered: UK notation != US notation.

U.K treble (tr) stitch = U.S. double crochet (dc) stitch

So I went to the site once again and there it was, my familiar US notation.

Now I proceed to make my gauge again…  23 dc x 12 rows = 4″ x 4″

Update: Swatch complete! Looks like  I’m running two rows and three stitches short….grah.


2 thoughts on “Crochet n00b mistake: UK Treble stitch != U.S. Treble stitch”

  1. !!!!!! Cuando lo termines estaras super orgullosa de tus logros!!!! No tengas prisa. Me gusta como escribes en tu blog. Pareces escritora. Love you…. …..Mom 🙂

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