Novels about crafting: Dying to crochet

Two of my favorite pastimes combined! Reading novels and crochet!   As far as I know there aren’t a whole lot of crochet or knitting novels. I’ve glanced over non-pattern  books for knitting and crochet , but havent really read them in their entirety. I’ve also seen some novels around mysteries in knitting circles, but knitting isn’t my thing (yet).

So yesterday I picked up  Dying to Crochet by Bendy Carter  from the library. I started reading last night, half in disbelief that a novel about crochet could actually be written and half curious what the hell the story would be anyway.

The summary in the back cover was the following:

Veronica, who recently experienced a tragic loss, begins crocheting for its therapeutic benefits. When she accidentally invents a new stitch, her whole life changes; she now eats, sleeps and thinks crochet. The budding designer is quickly swept into the fascinating world of crochet fashion and design. When the unthinkable happens at a fiber convention, it is up to Veronica, her friends, and their knowledge of yarn and stitches to find the killer before the killer finds them. Written in a “Crochet-Along-with-the-Character” style, the book includes ten original designs plus directions for two additional pattern stitches.

Dying to Crochet

I’m into the fourth chapter of the book (ok, so it’s not a mid-book review at all), and am surprised at how engaged I am. The relationship between the main character and her husband is a little too fairy tale like for me and I can’t really identify with all the picnicking (we don’t really do those where I’m from), but other than that the book really catches my attention. I find it funny how I already know the yarns they talk about in the book (and have a biased opinion on most of them without any real foundation to my opinion) and how a lot of the stuff the main character is learning is already embedded into my crocheting.  There are some things she talks about that I  had never even though of (left-handed crocheting slants the other way?!!?!) and I really like how I’m learning new things just by reading the novel.

I’m looking forward to continuing my adventure with this book….finding out who the hell the so-called killer is….and just what/who was killed…

Do you have a favorite novel based on a craft?


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