How to identify a phone scammer

Hi, this is Steven  from MCM and I wanted to talk to you about your Columbia visa credit card. You were paying it diligently until it expired three years ago but now you have an outstanding debt of $1000. Are you planning to pay that now and save yourself some money or are you planning to work through that debt?

It’s official. The day finally came. Someone tried to scam me over the phone. Some genius over at MCM (whatever that place is) called me on my brother’s phone last weekend,claiming I owed money to  some bank I’ve never heard of . 

How I indentified the scammer:

1) Calls you on someone else’s phone

2)Claims you have debt at a bank you’ve never ever heard of

3)Uses threatning and extremelly unprofessional language 

4) Says the wrong SSN is yours

My reply:

1. Corrected that I did not have such an SSN  and I did not give him mine. Never give anyone a portion of your SSN unless you are aware of the transaction you are doing.

My policy is: If I didnt call them myself (for a transaction Im initiating) Im not giving them any part of my SSN. 

2. Corrected that I didnt know what bank he was talking about and I certainly didnt have a Visa there

3. Question him on who he was and who he worked for

The effect:

Steven hung up on me.  (Add that to tips of “How to identify a scammer”)

I checked my credit score immediately after and verified that all my bills were in order and I didnt owe anyone money. I also read reviews for “MCM” online as well and people had similar comments on bill collectors calling for the wrong person and unprofessional behavior.

With so much information spread out all over the internet it becomes easier for scammers to seem like they really know all your information. Never take calls or emails out of the blue like that as official. If you are in doubt on wether you have unknown debt seek out your banks yourself and check your credit yourself.

The power…is yours!



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