Little Pumpkin

It’s that time of the year again…The leaves are turning red and fiery and the summer heat is gone. This is my second  fall in U.S. and I am falling in love it with it more and more every time. It is ridiculous (good)  how the trees are getting ready for the winter and how pumpkins are popping up everywhere.

Speaking of pumpkins….a most curious thing has happened in my petit little garden. A lost little pumpkin has made our garden its home. Right now it’s frolicking under the basil plant, enjoying the aroma and sleeping in the shade.

Little pumpkin with basil
Little pumpkin thinks it belongs in this garden.

It has a green little stalk and a big smiley face. I really dont mind the pumpkin has made our garden its home and hope it stays with us throughout the fall!

Pattern is available here   for free and made by Planet June, also added this project to my ravelry.


6 thoughts on “Little Pumpkin”

  1. Ja Ja!!! Yo creía que habia caido una semilla de calabaza y que tenias una mata enredada en tu ” petit little garden” !!!!! Que cute la calabazita.

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