Pepper harvest!

We harvested our little peppers and used them today on a Rotel Dip the bf made.

My brother’s reaction was hilarious:

Bro: “This is really spicy…”

Me: “Yes, with the peppers we  grew….”

Bro: “Oh, then this is amazing! Congrats!”

 I’m very proud of our little peppers! Next time, we’ll harvest our mini carrots!


5 thoughts on “Pepper harvest!”

  1. Oh, how cool that you grew the peppers yourself! Even though there was just two of them, it’s still a real harvest. Nevertheless, if it was me I’d probably never be able to bring myself to cooking them (if I grew them myself!)=)

    1. They were delicious! We still have three little ones growing on the plant. 🙂 It was quite easy, just lots of care for the plant.
      Thank you for visitng, Antonia!

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