Some of my favorite things

I wanted to make a quick photo-heavy post of what my favorite things are lately. It’s a special set of things I’ve been carrying with me everywhere and make my day a little brighter.

First a Pony Brown agenda I purchased on eBay. I saw it on a spanish shopping site a while ago and fell in love.

Do I need an agenda? No.

Is it reasonably priced? No.

Am I in love with this agenda? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Each weekly page has a different drawing of the cutest little girl. Some of the text is in Korean and I cannot tell what it says, but it’s lovely.

The agenda came with lots and LOTS of stickers to use throughout the agenda. It even has some to mark the months of the year. So cute.

Another book I carry with me a lot is a sketch pad I bought ages ago. Right now I’m learning about drawing landscapes and how to attract the eye’s attention.

I also carry a MyMelody pen I bought a while ago, and it’s the silliest cutest pink pen. It has two different ink colors that you can select – yes- by pressing MyMelody’s ears.

Finally, my new best friend is my new/old Very Bradley bag. I found this at the thrift shop for $7 dollars. A ridiculous price for such a unique bag. I looked it up online and the design is a super old one (1995-1997). It’s quite beat up but I adore it. It has a lot of space and pockets and since it doesn’t really match anything, then I can carry it whenever.

 And there you go. Those are some of my favorite things that have now become my daily cargo. 😉


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