Gaming update

I havent talked much about techie things and gaming lately, and I thought it would be fun to share the games that keep me busy when I’m not working.

I have been a fan of Prof Layton DS games and friends often recommended Ace Attorney since its related to investigation and solving puzzles. I got Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice and have had a lot of fun with it. I have to admit the puzzles are pretty tough sometimes, and my character has been kicked out of the courtroom more times than should happen.

I got myself a great little phone this weekend. It’s a Samsung focus and im in love with it. One of my favorite things to do on it is playing games. My two favorite games are:



Both of the games are free and great time wasters.

Flowerz is a basic tile matching game, and I find it very relaxing and fun to figure out.

Ilo Milo is the cutest little game ever. Make the two little friends meet each other by walking around floating mazes.  I even found a lovely wallpaper from the company that makes the game.

Another game im currently playing a lot is Dance Central on the Kinect. It’s a surprisingly good workout and I enjoy memorizing the dance moves.  Another thing I’m enjoying is unlocking all the wardrobe for the characters in the game.

That’s it from me now…back to work and then play the weekend away!


3 thoughts on “Gaming update”

  1. Prof Layton is a great game, but Ace Attorney is my all time favorite! Did you only play Apollo Justice? You should definitely check out the Phoenix Wright series as well (the Ace Attorney Trilogy that came out before Apollo’s games)
    Reading your post made me want to play them all over again!! But beware of Ace Attorney Investigations, for me it was a big disapointment..

    1. Yup, my first one is Apollo Justice….I kept looking for the Phoenix Wright ones but all the stores in my town were out…Thanks for the tip! I’ll put the AA Investigations low on the priority list! 😀 <#

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