Polvorones and Pumpkins

Yesterday I went to my friend Javier’s apartment to celebrate Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun bringing dishes from our homes and exercising the food away with a Kinect afterwards. For my contribution to the meal I brought a simple pasta salda and some polvorones.

I stole the pasta salad idea from the bf. It’s really simple:

-Cook any pasta you like

-Strain and mix your favorite dressing (I chose Italian dressing)

-Put it in the fridge overnight

-I also added some basil and chives from our garden

The second thing I brought were some polvorones. They are sugar cookies from Puerto Rico (and many places in latinamerica) and are flavored like almonds. That recipe I linked to has some rum, but I make mine rum-free. 😉

I made around 40 and managed to come back home with 5 !

Today I decided to get rid of that pumpkin that had been sitting on my windowsill all fall.

I made some roasted pumpkin seeds….which I hated and proceeded to throw away 😦 They looked delicious but I was disappointed (I forgot to take a pic of the finished product).

With the rest of the pumpkin I decided to make a puree to use for later. I went crazy boiling an obscene amount of pumpkin.

In the end I had a ziploc bag of puree….A little less than i thought I would have but still quite a lot for myself.

I think I’ll use it for muffins or cupcakes later on….right now my tiny apartment smells like pumpkin and Im quite tired of them. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Polvorones and Pumpkins”

    1. Thank you lovely Antonia! Polvorones have always been special to me. My mother used to make them for me and my ENTIRE kindegarden class for Christmas. I never thought I could make them myself, but Im getting quite good at baking them now. 🙂

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