I’m posting every week in 2011!

Hi there! Welcome to 2011….was it everything you were expecting?  So far its meeting and EXCEEDING my expectations.

I’m going to be participating in WP’s Post a Week (not post a day, b/c really…I know my limits)….They’ve made a blog to give inspiration and topics to people who might have writer’s block.

This reminds me a lot of LiveJournal’s “Writer’s Block” feature…that asked you a question and with the “Answer” button you could start a new post in reply.  I found LiveJournal’s questions pretty creative, so we’ll see how it goes in WP.

I received the new year asleep on my futon…with Pawn Stars playing on Netflix and a quiet street outside. Last new year’s day was also pretty calm here…and I like it that way. Back home in Puerto Rico however, we already have news of a 14-year-old killed by a stray bullet. Such a sad thing after so much campaigning and people being careful…For next year, let’s ALL sleep in and watch Netflix when the clock strikes 12! 😦

Well, that’s all for now! Of course….I’ll be making more than one post a week here…so if I see when can upgrade the challenge to a post a day then it shall be done! 🙂



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