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Moving on…

Today I moved out of my lil’ apartment of two years…Kind of sad to leave a place you’ve spent so much time in. But I’m not moving far and I am in loooove with my new apartment and the neighborhood. Lots of pics of the new place coming soon. But for now, let’s take a minute of silence for the little apartment that gave everyone so much.

We'll miss you little one!
We'll miss you little one!

 <a minute please…>

Anyway! After the movers left my new apartment  the bf, my brother and I were STARVING. We hadnt had any breakfast and it was already noon, so we ran to The Olive Garden and had a big lunch. I even got to enjoy a little coffee at the end….<3

Cafe para Laura
Cafe para Laura

Also, I visited the bf’s house and found a little knitted square I had left lying around. I bound (?)  it off  (binding for the first time ever!) and made a little dishcloth with it. Looks lovely, but this little thing made me realize that knitting is not. for. me.  I bow until infinity to knitters everywhere…I’ll keep crocheting over here.

Whistle while you work...
Whistle while you work...

That’s all for today! Hope your weekend is fantastic so far!




3 thoughts on “Moving on…”

    1. So far Im loving it! We’re almost done unpacking and decorating so I expect to make a “new apt” post soon 🙂 It’s a little bit colder than where I used to live, but there’s so much space in the new apt and so many places to visit nearby that I love it!

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