Come and knock on our door….

I moved! Just a few minutes from where I used to live, but to such a big and lovely apartment! I cant stop thinking of the three’s company theme song whenever Im home. That’s great, no? [Also, I just realized that the Three’s Company intro cannot be found on youtube, LAME.]

All this love for my home has me in a creative mood. I realized that the bedrooms received a lot of light (which is a good thing), but early in the morning it does get kind of annoying. So I decided to make some new curtains! I got some fabric at the thrift store and improvised some curtains. Im think they cam out quite well! 🙂

Below you can see the guest room:

Guest room with plaid curtains

 And my bed room:

Curtains in my room tied with ribbon

 And I owe this all to my little sewing machine. I got it as a christmas gift from my parents some years ago and its such a great thing to have in my home. Whenenever I need to make a quick fix to my clothes….or improvise on my decoration, its the most useful tool ever.

Have you been creating anything lately?




4 thoughts on “Come and knock on our door….”

  1. Knock, Knock..!!!!! It’s mom!! Estoy orgullosa de mi costurera. Ahora me ha dado ganas de coser. Ya vi una maquinita que me gusta y barata. Tengo un monton de cosas que hay que arreglar e ideas de cositas para coser. La mia pasó a la historia… Sigue practicando y veras que seras tan buena en costura como lo eres en crochet . Love you.

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