Baking no matter what

I’ve been sick all weekend and also today  but somehow that didn’t stop me from baking a few days ago.

After a nice dinner we realized we still had room for a desert, so I went ahead and made some chocolate lava cakes with the chocolate th bf got me for Valentine’s Day. The recipe is very easy, but after seeing how much of it isn’t chocolate you might hold back on eating it too often (it’s mostly oil, egg, and butter 🙂 )

The recipe is very simple, but I used two different recipes (this & this) to verify I was baking it right.  I baked it a little more than the recipe called for to make sure that the top of the cake wasnt completely liquid. After baking the cake you turn it over, so the top becomes the bottom…and i didnt want chocolate spilling all over the bowl. 🙂

Chocolate Lava Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake

That’s all for today! Now to sleep and get better!




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