Sculpey: My Neighbor Totoro

This week I’d like to bombard you with posts about different sculpey figurines I made over the weekend.
Throwing all of these into one post wouldn’t do them justice, and I’d like to take my time telling you about them.

The first I’d like to share with you is….My Neighbor Totoro!

My Totoro figurine

My Neighbor Totoro is one of my favorite Hayao Miyazaki movies and as I brainstormed what characters to create into sculpey figurines, Totoro came into mind immediately.

One thing I’d like to improve on (if I ever make a Totoro figure again) is make his body a little rounder. If you look at him from the side you’ll see he is quite flat front and back, and making him rounder would help in making the resemblance better.

I experimented with the edges of his belly, to see if I could make him look a little fluffy, and I think it worked a bit. As I keep learning about working with sculpey I think I’ll practice textures (because right now you can see my fingerprints over everything I make, hehe).

My Totoro figurine

I mixed black and white sculpey clay to create the gray color you see, and I’m glad I did. I really don’t think I’ll be using gray clay that much so there’s no need to buy a whole package of gray.

All in all, I’m very happy with my little totoro. I think  that for my lack of experience with sculpey he looks quite awesome. 🙂

Stay tuned this week…I have a couple more sculpey figurines to show you!




2 thoughts on “Sculpey: My Neighbor Totoro”

  1. I think it looks really good. I like My Neighbor Totoro too. My favorite Miyazaki movie is Howl’s Moving Castle. I would love to make something from there.

    Good job!

    1. Thanks tia!
      Howl’s Moving Castle was really good too! I really loved Calcifer, he’s my favorite character in that movie 🙂

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