Spring and birds

Oh, I havent posted in a while internets…Non internet life is quite busy (in a good way) and my fun time is spent mostly on reddit, playing Animal Crossing or reading. It’s a good change of scenery from writing a lot everyday, no?

Here in seattle its beggining to look like springtime…

Blossoms on UW Quad

One of my current obsessions is looking for red winged blackbirds on the way to work. These birds are very new to me and I just love the loud pop of color on their little wings. The males are the actual red winged ones while the females are brown. Usually we see the males standing on top of cat tail plants, and they brighten my day whenever I see them.

Redwinged Blackbirds

I’ve learned a lot about birds from one of my favorite radio shows Bird Note. It comes on KPLU at 8:58am every weekday, and they talk for a few minutes about birds and their habits. Such a lovely show.



P.S. – I just realized you can search in flickr for works under creative commons license, awesome! 😀 For more info on the pics, click on them and you’ll be taken to the owner’s flickr site.


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