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First batch of home made yogurt

At work I get to see what other folks bring for lunch. I was very curious about the fact that a lot of folks from India brought yogurt in their own containers. But yogurt is so… expensive? Could it be….people make yogurt at home?

After asking a co-worker if she makes it at home I learned that yes, a lot of people make their own yogurt and it’s not difficult at all.

I decided to try it out for myself last night.

What you need:

  • Milk
  • Yogurt with live active cultures
  • Thermometer (not required, but it helps. see links for thermometer less options)
  • Pot for heating milk
  • Jars for storing yogurt
  • Crock pot and/or oven  (see links for other incubation methods)

A high level overview of the process is:

1) Get live active yogurt cultures from somewhere (existing home made yogurt, yogurt from the store, packages of live active cultures…)

2) Decide how much yogurt you want…Get the same amount of milk then (I got a quart of a gallon)

3) Heat up milk to 180 F

4)Let it cool to 110 F

5) Throw in yogurt  (I used a tablespoon)

6)Somehow keep the temperature of the yogurt around 110F

  • Any temp much higher will most likely kill the yogurt and you’ll get warm milk
  • Any temp much lower and the bacteria might not reproduce fast enough
  • I used two methods: oven and crock pot 
  • Oven: Heat to 170F, turn off as soon as it reaches temp. Put yogurt in there for several hours (I tried 4)
  • Crock pot: Heat crock pot to Low setting for 10 min, turn off. Put yogurt in. Repeat the heating every hour (I tried for about 3)

7) Insert into fridge as soon as milk has turned harder and into a custard like..thing

If you want a more detailed explanation, this is the reference I used while trying it out myself.

The Real Food Revolution

There’s also a lot of videos on youtube. Just search for “make homemade yogurt”.

And withouth further ado, here are some pictures of my experience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some things I learned:

My yogurt turned out very smooth and not too tangy. I think I would like it tangier and I read keeping it in the oven longer will do so. I will try that next time.

Never throw away old sauce jars. They were a life saver for this experiment.

Making yogurt is EASY!


2 thoughts on “First batch of home made yogurt”

    1. Thanks Amber! I’m making yogurt about once every two weeks now…Loooove taking some for work snacks.

      Just stopped by your blog…That headband tutorial looks so easy and the end result is adorable!

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