Why, hello there…Do we know each other?

The Polycrafter has been a little dormant hasn’t she? It’s true…I’ve been busier reading blogs than actually writing them…busier reading comics than drawing them. Busier looking at crochet creations than MAKING them. What is this non sense? How dare I stop emanating blog posts…

That all changes now, I say!      <whiplash>

I’ve been quietly getting inspired by blogs and people around me. People than don’t get satisfied with what is available and decide to make their own content. Let’s make The Polycrafter a little more interesting….shall we?

Some of the things new things I’m considering for the Polycrafter:

  • Taking e-courses…reviewing them…and maybe making one?
  • Sharing my adventures with genealogy (I’m getting quite good at it, actually!)
  • Drawing more! I’ve been making too many excuses!  Let’s throw a comic in here!
  • Featuring/Sharing the “wonderful-ness” of the blogs I read…I’ve been keeping them to myself for too long.

Does any of that sound good to you?

Of course, I don’t plan to stop crocheting/baking/cooking/experimenting/crafting….So do not worry.

Yogurt disasters will continue happening….Crochet-induced carpal tunnel will be appearing…On with the show!


Laura  <– I need a new signature…

P.S – Did you notice any changes?

Why yes…I changed the actual blog URL….

Just between you and me….it was starting to feel weird having my name on the actual URL.


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