Animal Crossing: Weird things Pudge says

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing for quite some times now and I’m still in awe at what a funny little game it is.

Today I stayed home sick and while I lay in bed being ill and pitiful… Pudge, said the weirdest thing:

When Tom Nook became obsessed with that kind of thing, all of Enigma (my town) suffered. Ohhh… Too many tears! I can’t even see you!

This freaked me out to no end so I did some research online.  Apparently its an unsolved Animal Crossing mystery…but it’s probably hinting at the sketchy things that Tom Nook is always up to. Little things like that make this game have immeasurable replay value and its no wonder I can’t put it down if I see it.

I started taking pictures of other interesting conversations Pudge had with me…Nothing as crazy as the first but still things that make me smile.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. – I really wish DSs had some kind of screenshot functionality….taking pictures with my phone gets annoying after a while.

P.P.S.- In case you are wondering…my character name is b/c of this guy.


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