Twin Peaks, 20 years later…

Today’s post is about a little show that took me 20 years to discover. I owe it all to Frankie magazine, who did an article on the Twin Peaks area recently. I was reading the magazine and recognized the Snoqualmie Falls I’ve visited in the past (seeing them in an Australian magazine really caught me by surprise!)

Everything that's normal ends here...

So I decided to look into Twin Peaks and saw to my delight that it was available on Netflix instant watch (which is the only kind of Netflix I have these days…) . So for the past weeks I’ve watched this show and enjoyed it immensely.

A warning before I go any further….this show was cancelled after its second season so I understand it doesn’t have a solid ending. I actually enjoyed the ending immensely, but I did regret that many things were left out. There’s a movie called “Fire walk with me” which is a sort of prequel that closes many gaps, so I need to watch that asap.

Well Twin Peaks, what a show….To put it in terms of “today”….This show is like an intricate X-files episode that happens to last two seasons. There’s the argument of science vs the supernatural. It takes place in a secluded town, where its colorful characters are the only thing that keeps things alive. And there’s the FBI agent as well….played flawlessly by Kyle MacLachlan. In fact…Dale Cooper (MacLachlan’s character) seems to me like a combination of Scully and Mulder: a very scientific man who still places value on the extraordinary.

The show revolves around the murder of Laura Palmer. It seems that everyone in the town is hiding something, and the more Agent Cooper discovers, the more questions he has.

In my opinion the show has two distinct feels throughout its two seasons.

Season 1 : “This is a cool little town….where things ARE WEIRD.”

Season 2: “Owls! Giants! Little people! Magic! Too many secondary characters!”

Season 2 was much too crazy for me and I really got confused with so many new characters. I would have really like seeing the show continue to be a little bit more muted (like it was in Season 1) and give the supernatural some kind of explanation….but I guess that’s what makes it super?

All in all, this is a fantastic show. If you enjoyed Lost or X-files I think you should watch this!

A word of warning, some episodes are incredibly scary so I don’t recommend letting kids watch this by themselves. I watched a few episodes alone and found myself hiding behind the sofa.

P.S. – Lifelounge has a fan-freaking-tastic post about some Twin Peaks publicity shots that surfaced recently. And their post is appropriately named “Twin Peaks is still the best show ever” …..I couldn’t agree more.

Have you watched Twink Peaks? Or are supernatural shows not your thing?


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