Tokyo Kawaii Etc: I got cute things from Japan!

I don’t often post about other sites, but this post is for a very special site! I stumbled upon Tokyo Kawaii Etc several months ago (while searching for cute tutorials, of course)…and nowadays its one of my go-to sites for anything cute happening in japan.

The site’s owner, Kirin, makes videos often and she reviews products, makes crafts and talks about current events. She even translates some of the videos so those folks (like myself!) than don’t speak japanese yet can understand.

Kirin made a contest several weeks ago, that I had the joy win! 😀 The contest was based on providing feedback on the site and Kirin was so generous that as a reward she gifted $30 on cute items from japan. She liked my review of her site and sent me a fantastic package as first prize. Check it out!!

I love rabbits and the color purple….and somehow Kirin managed to combine the two! The rabbit is also a little purse that you can hide some small things in. As a coincidence, one of my very best friends from childhood is nicknamed Paty, so that was a wonderful bonus as well…:-)

Swimmer stores are only in Japan…and that might be a good thing b/c I’m sure I would spend way too much money there.

She got me two hand mirrors that I’m already using on my bus rides and whenever a full mirror isn’t around.

And stickers….so many stickers…Quite a commotion on that scene.

And finally, a great little notebook…So many things to be written! I’m using it at my home desk to keep track of things I need to do online…

Kirin also sent a little sheep notepad that I’ve already left at work…see, getting good use out of these things already.

Thank you so much Kirin! You are a blogging hero in my book! I really enjoyed receiving mail from you (and sending you a little postcard back!). 🙂

If you like cute things from Japan I recommend you give Tokyo kawaii etc a visit!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Kawaii Etc: I got cute things from Japan!”

  1. i love kawaii im drawing cute little things like them all the time. I just wish i had like a pen pal from japan that could send me stuff from their. I wish i could visit but idk. i guess write back if u have any ideas.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Thats great that you enjoy drawing kawaii things….Maybe you can start exchanging kawaii drawings with japanese pen pals. Im sure something will come up if you search for japan pen pals online. Good luck! 🙂

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