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Cooking on the youtube

One my hobbies is to just sit at the computer (or TV…or my kitchen) and watch other people cook. I adore baking but cooking regular meals just comes a chore to me (thank goodness I have a fantastic bf that lives for cooking!)

I wanted to share some of my favorite YouTube shows for cooking. They give me ideas on what I’d like to cook, but mostly help me with understanding other people’s techniques. (These all ended up being asian cooking videos, but if you know of any others feel free to share!)

Maangchi cooks Korean food in her New York home and I swear she is the most fun person in all of YouTube. She has more personality that all the chefs in Food Network combined and her notes always add a personal touch to her videos.

Aeris Kitchen is another Korean cooking show shot live from Aeris’ home. Her recipes are always well-paced and easy to understand. She constantly takes requests from viewers and sometimes includes her adorable son in her videos.

Finally, my favorite show in all of the internet…Cooking With Dog! A Japanese cooking show (with English subtitles) is hosted by an English-speaking french poodle. Aside from the odd host, the show is a marvel to watch. I’m not sure I even know the chef’s name but she cooks with such organization, attention to detail and skill that I anxiously wait for her next video.

Do you have any favorite online cooking channels?


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